Have you seen how lucky you are to be here and now? Take off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes… look out at sea and enjoy how quiet the beach is at this time…                                                    

We will take your order shortly… Good Morning!



Yogurt, honey, muesli and fresh fruits 6.00

Fresh fruit salad 6.00



Ham and cheese toast 3.50

Toasts with olive oil and/or fresh tomato 3.00

Toasts with cured Ham and tomato 5.00

Toasts with avocado and tomato 4.50

Toasts with scrambled eggs and tomato 6.00



Toasts with butter and jam 3.00

Toasts with Nutella 3.50

Our super homemade Mango “flow” 6.50 €

Nutella Cake… and not to talk about calories…just about enjoy live! 6.50 €

Vainilla y Cookies Frappé 7 €

Welcome to the Crumble! apple crumble with vanilla icecream and popping candy 6.50 €