According to the Order of August, 16 2020 of Andalucia Government, from this day SMOKING IS FORBIDDEN PROVIDED YOU CAN STAY 2 METERS AWAY FROM ANOTHER PERSON.

So, in the bar’s area as well in the upper terrace, smoking is forbidden. On the other areas of La Cubana, you can smoke if you can stay 2 meters away from another person. We kindly ask you to respect this regulation… we don’t wish to argue with anybody… We don’t make the laws…

Furthermore, we remind you have to wear your mask all the time less you are seated on your table drinking or eating the delicious things we prepare with lots of love for youuu!!!

Thank youu!!!


Our kitchen schedule is from 11am to 6pm

Down here you will find our menu.

If you can not expand it, click on the following link and you’ll download it.

Enjoy your meal!