Most of our diches are designed to share so you can try a bit of everything!

Enjoy your meal!


Guacamole served with Payoyo cheese cream and totopos 8 €

Hummus with pita bread, Kalamata olives, celery and carrots 8 €

Tzatziki  with pita bread, walnuts, celery and carrots 8 €

Baos we serve 2 in each portion. Choose yours!             12 €

  • filled with CHICKEN with avocado mayonnaise, carrots and rocket
  • filled with LAMB with coriander hummus, cucumber and wakame seaweed
  • filled with PORK SCRATCHINGS, coleslaw and kimchi mayonnaise
  • filled with PRAWNS, shiitake mushrooms and lime mayonnaise

Bravas-Se-Me-Enamora-El-Alma with our 3 homemade sauces (brava, truffle mayonnaise and sweet chili & Jagermeister) 6 €

Causa limeña peruvian potatoe salad with octopus, tuna and avocado 12 €

Gyozas Maravigyozas filled of pork (6 un)   11 €

Artisanal croquettas Tio Gilito , we change them daily! Ask us! (6 un) 9 €


Mery baby leaf, crunchy chicken, parmiggiano, cherry tomatoes and parmiggiano cream 12 €

Thai Mirosa baby leaf, noodles, vegetables, octopus, squid and prawns with thai sauce and cashew nuts 13 €

Huguete quinoa, walnuts, mango, avocado, carrot, red cabbage and yogurt & mint cream 12 €

Salmon Poke rice, marinated salmon, edamame, tobiko, wakame seaweed, carrots and sesame dressing 13 €

Tuna Poke rice, wild bluefin tuna with kimchi (spicy), mango, cucumber, cashew nuts, wakame seaweed and sesame dressing 13 €


Salmon and avocado tartar with wakame seeweed, lime mayonnaise and sriracha 17 €

Smoked sardine and mango tartar with beetroot “gazpacho” 16 €

Ceviche Machu of sea bass with peruvian corn, sweet potatoe and vegetables 16 €   

Ceviche Frida of amberjack and prawns with Mezcal… viva Mexico!  16 €

Wild bluefin tuna Tataki with wakame and pickled ginger 19€

Grilled octopus served with mashed potatoes 17 €


Peterpedia vietnamese rice rolls filled with vegetables served with teriyaki sauce and coconut & peanuts cream  12€

Purito wrap filled with iberian pork cheeks, rocket, Payoyo cheese, crunchy onion and tomato jam 13 €

La Nuit wrap filled with hummus, dried tomatoes, rocket and avocado 12 €


Lagarto with Cuban Majao and patacones… it means… iberian pork marinated in roasted coffee, brown sugar, lime and ginger served with fried banana 16 €


Beef Wok with rice tagliatelle, vegetables and peanuts   14 €

Squids and prawns black Wok with rice tagliatelle, vegetables and peanuts  14 €

Fresh Pasta filled with boletus in truffle cream and parmiggiano   13 €


Iberian Pork risotto with shiitake mushrooms 16 €

Thai Style Chicken with cashew and basmati rice 16 €

Chicken and rice Curry Thai Style  16 €

We need at least 25 min to prepare your risotto. We serve it with parmiggiano. If you don’t like it, just tell us, please!


200 gr. super homemade burger (Black Angus) served with fries!

Cucci with parmiggiano, rocket and truffle mayonnaise 14 €

Mimi with cheese, lettuce, tomato and bacon 14 €

Chewaka with goat cheese and caramelised onion 14 €

Japo with wakame seaweed, shiitake mushrooms and wasabi mayonnaise 14 €

Vegan quinoa and kale burger with baby leaf, dried tomatoes, guacamole and pickles       14 €


Chicken Nuggets and fries 7 €

Grilled fish fillet with fries  7 €

Macaroni with tomato sauce and cheese  6 €

Turkey and cheese Sandwich   4.00 €       

Homemade Fries   3,50 €


Nutella Cake… and not to talk about calories…just about enjoy live! 6.50 €

Our super homemade Mango “flow” 6.50 €

La Cubana “french toast” with Baileys and cocunut icecream 7,00 €

Vainilla y Cookies Frappé 7,00 €

Mojito Sorbet 7,00 €

Welcome to the Crumble! apple crumble with vanilla icecream and popping candy 6.50 €